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How Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating Works

As Easy as 1,2,3

Installing underfloor heating in your home has never been easier!

First select your top flooring surface, then follow our straight forward installation process. 

Simply roll out the Ezy-Warm Heated Mat, connect, add the underlay and install your floor covering of choice on top.

Then either buy and install materials yourself, or find a local tradesperson to fit for you using our installation guidance.

Simple, yet very clever

Whilst Ezy-Warm Heated Mats are ultra-thin at only 0.6mm, they contain some clever science inside.

Ezy-Warm Heated Mats incorporate graphene technology, which is the lightest, most conductive man-made material on earth.

It was first isolated at the University of Manchester, UK in 2004 by Professor Andre Geim and Professor Kostya Novoselov.  This research work led them to win the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Graphene has been hailed as a wonder material due to its many amazing properties and potential applications.

One million times thinner than the diameter of a single human hair, yet 300 times stronger than steel, it is incredibly lightweight and flexible.

Graphene is even better at conducting electricity than even copper, and heat better than almost any other material.

We’ve harnessed this revolutionary science to develop Ezy-Warm Heated Mats, which have super efficient heat conducting properties but still remain very thin.