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The sections below cover the most frequently asked questions that we receive about Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating Systems – please take a look through to get the answer you need.

What flooring is best to use with Ezy-Warm underfloor heating? – The system is equally compatible with carpet, Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), wood, engineered wood and laminate flooring.  Take your pick! 

Will Ezy-Warm underfloor heating work with carpet and rugs?  Yes.

Will Ezy-Warm underfloor heating work with wood flooring? – Yes, the system is compatible with both solid wood and engineered wood flooring.

Will Ezy-Warm underfloor heating work with Amtico or Karndean? – Yes, the system is compatible with Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) brands, as well as laminate flooring.  

What underlay should I use? – Please select the appropriate underlay approved for your choice of flooring – see here for more advice on how to select the correct system for your needs.

Can I retrofit underfloor heating on an existing floor? – Yes, Ezy-Warm can be fitted in existing homes, as well as new-builds.

Can I use Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating in my bathroom? – Yes, please select the Ezy-Warm Heated Mat kit for bathrooms.

Can I have Ezy-Warm underfloor heating upstairs? – Yes, you can use the system upstairs and under carpet.

Will Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating raise my floor height? – due to the very low profile of the mats, the floor height will only be altered by 3mm, as compared to 14mm+ for conventional systems – see here for more info.

Where does the power supply go?  Will I be able to see it? – The power supply is provided with the Ezy-Warm Heated Mat kits, which can be discretely placed out of sight behind furniture or in cupboards for example.

Can I have different heating zones? – Yes, when integrated with our thermostat control systems 

Will Ezy-Warm underfloor heating stop damp in my house? – Infrared heating is absorbed by water very well, significantly removing damp from buildings.  It limits the mould, fungus and bacterial growth that can contribute to poor respiratory health.  See here for more details.

How does the Ezy-Warm system work? – The system consists of a Heated Mat which uses graphene technology, an extremely efficient conductor of heat.  An approved underlay and your choice of floor covering are installed on top.

What is Far Infrared heating? – This is a natural and very efficient form of heating – see here for more details.

How does Far Infrared heating heat the room? Will I feel warm if the air is still cold? – Yes, infrared heating works by heating objects in a room, rather than the entire space.

Where has the system been used before? – check out our case studies of Ezy-Warm in use in home offices and living rooms. 

How much does Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating cost? – Heated Mat kits start at £400 for a 2sqm bathroom, plus the cost of floor covering and underlay.  See the Ezy-Warm Shop for full details.

Is it expensive to run? – No, one of the main benefits of the system is its energy efficiency and cost savings including reduced installation, running and maintenance costs.

Where can I buy Ezy-Warm Underfloor heating? – from the Ezy-Warm Shop or other retailers.

Do you supply everything that is needed eg thermostats, wires …? – Yes, to make life easier for you, the Ezy-Warm Heated Mat kit contains a power supply, wires and fixings.  You can also purchase smart control systems from the Ezy-Warm Shop.

Can I install it myself? – Yes, the system is simple enough to be installed by a competent DIYer or tradesperson – see here for installation instructions.

Do I need specialist trades to fit the system? – No, the system is simple enough to be installed by a competent DIYer or tradesperson – see here for installation instructions.

Does Ezy-Warm underfloor heating need servicing? – No, the system is maintenance-free with no annual service  required.

What happens if it goes wrong? – Unlike conventional underfloor heating systems, the Ezy-Warm Heated Mat is easily accessible when fitted with most combinations.  Individual tiles can also be easily uplifted and replaced.  See here for further details.

How should I clean the floor? – Please refer to the manufacturer instructions for your chosen flooring type.