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Ezy-Warm is an incredibly simple and efficient underfloor heating system with one of the thinnest profiles available, making installation a breeze.

So now homeowners can:

+ Have a stunning designer floor with heating added in

+ Install underfloor heating with minimal disruption to their home

+ Power their heating with renewable energy : go off-grid

+ Easily change their flooring or access the heating element when needed

+ Not worry about dealing with raised floor heights

Flooring Options

Carpet, Luxury Vinyl Tile including Amtico and Karndean and Engineered Wood Flooring.

All now compatible with an underfloor heating solution that looks great and adds value to your home.

Simple Heating
without the Hassle

We take the headache out of underfloor heating.

Our simple range is easy to install, maintain and change. No specialist trades needed and minimum disruption.

Cost Effective Sustainable Energy

Sleep easy knowing you are saving your energy costs and the planet with our radiant heat technology.

Power the system by renewable energy sources and it's free to run with minimal ongoing maintenance.

How does Ezy-Warm compare?

Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating gives the home-owner lots of benefits vs. traditional electric mat and water-based systems.

Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating Compared to Conventional Heating

How Ezy-Warm works

The system is made up of just three simple ultra-thin layers.

The Ezy-Warm heated mat is connected to a power source, either wall-mounted or hidden in cupboards, using low profile wires.

This installation can be carried out by a competent DIY-er or tradesperson.

Gentle Radiant Heat

Natural radiant heat technology produces super-efficient uniform heating versus conventional gas radiators or electric heaters.

Find out how you can significantly reduce energy costs with Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating.

Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating for Living Rooms thermal image

Build your solution

Select the flooring you’d like to use and then use our easy selection guide to find the right Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating system for you.

Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating Made Easy
Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating Made Easy

A Helping Hand

We realise that adding underfloor heating to your home can feel a daunting prospect.

That’s why we’re committed to making the process as easy as possible for home-owners.

From selecting the right product for your room, to where to buy our products, we aim to answer all your questions as clearly as possible in our Help Centre.

Let’s get your home Ezy-Warm!